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Regatta is a brilliant UK brand for affordable everyday wear and outdoor pursuits. If all you need is the essentials, they provide it better than most. Their affordable outdoor apparel is also ideal for families on walking or camping trips, especially for kids. Some makes of waterproof clothing can be really cheap (and you can feel it in the horrible, clammy rubber material), Regatta apparel is always of good quality and you would never be embarrassed to wear it in public. However, the greatest strength of Regatta clothing is also its greatest weakness. Once you get to the top of their ranges, you will inevitably start looking at the same price of clothing from bigger outdoor brands. This is because the bigger brands have priced some of their products at an entry-level to encourage people to buy a taste of premium quality. So, if your needs are simple, then Regatta is definitely a good choice for all your clothing. Especially if you want quality and the technical essentials, but without having to pay extra for the bigger outdoor brands.