Hoodie Infographic

Hoodies have been around for centuries. Hooded garments can be traced back to the medieval times, when monks wore a hood on their robes to shield their face. Since then hoodies have become a very popular garment in people's wardrobes, worn for a more casual look or whilst playing sports for that extra warmth.

The hoodie is an essential garment for students, with many having personalised hoodies for their club or society they are associated to. This may include law societies, football or dance clubs, the list is endless.

The infographic shows why a hoodie is a necessity for every student’s wardrobe and how to get the most out of your hoodie.
  • The zip hoodie can be a life saver on a girl’s night out, heading round a friend’s house before hand, zip up and off you go. No ruining hair or make-up.
  • The majority of hoodies come with either a large front pocket or if a zippy hoodie two smaller side pockets, suitable to hoard food, ID, money, phone and anything else that will squeeze in.
  • Most hoodies come with a hidden earphone opening normally used for when out running, enclosing the wires inside the hoodie but also can be used for listen to music or watch a TV series whilst in a lecture.
  • The logo is essential on a college or university hoodie, may this be embroidered or printed. Making others aware of the club or society you are associated to.
  • Hoodies come in a large range of colours, sizes and styles. We will have the perfect hoodie for you with the option to have your logo or name printed or embroidered on to it.  
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