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Orbit HVHS Hi-Vi Yellow
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  • EN ISO 20471: 2013
  • CLASS 3
  • 100% Polyester 
  • 300gsm 
  • Lace toggle & eyelet holes 
  • Reflective tape 
  • Ribbing band on sleeve cuffs & hem

Please note that colour samples shown above may not exactly match the colours on the actual garments. Also, for exact sizing, please check the sizing guide. Please contact us if you have any enquiries.

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To be officially certified as Hi Vis, all clothing must conform to EN ISO 20471. Garments that conform to EN ISO 20471 are essential for industries where a large part of the work is high-risk, taking place near traffic, cranes and other vehicles, as well as work that takes place in the dark or other environments where visibility is reduced. Certified Hi Vis clothing ensures you and your employees will be visible at night and during the day, from all angles.

In accordance to the risks in your workplace and the level of protection offered to the wearer, garments that conform to EN ISO 20471 are divided into three classes:

  • Class 3 garments provide the highest protection level of Hi Vis clothing. Examples of Class 3 Hi Vis items* usually provide complete coverage, so most garments with long sleeves such as: Bomber Jackets; Parka Jackets; Long Sleeve T-Shirts and Polo Shirts.
  • Class 2 garments provide an intermediate protection level of Hi Vis clothing. Examples of Class 2 Hi Vis items* are usually garments like Hi Vis Vests, Short Sleeve T-Shirts & Polo Shirts.
  • Class 1 garments provide the lowest protection level of Hi Vis clothing. Examples of Class 1 Hi Vis items* are usually garments like Trousers, T-shirts and Hi Vis Vests.

The Highways Agency states that all contractors working on or near main or trunk roads in the UK should wear High Visibility clothing that conforms to Class 2 or 3.

*Depending on factors like the width of the band of reflective material and the amount of background material and reflective material used in the garment (per square metre).


RIS-3279-TOM is a high visibility standard that applies to the Rail Industry in the UK. All garments certified to RIS-3279-TOM (formerly GO/RT 3279) will meet the Rail Industry requirements to ensure rail workers on or near the trackside are sufficiently visible to approaching trains. To conform to RIS-3279-TOM, the standard requires that garments must be a specific orange colour.


In work environments where there is a risk of explosion, EN 1149-5 is the European Standard which ensures garments will protect against electrostatic discharge as they are made from anti-static materials, which cannot ignite any potential explosive atmospheres cause by electrical discharges.

Typically worn by electrical workers, garments that are certified to IEC 61482-2 protect against the thermal hazards of Electric Arc. It’s not just the fabric of the garment which protects the wearer against Electric Arc, components like zippers and buttons have also been designed to ensure they don’t contribute further injury to the wearer by melting.

EN ISO 11611 is a certification which protects workers in the welding industry by subjecting the garments and the specific fabrics to a series of tests. Divided into two classes, Class 1 garments are designed for less hazardous welding situations (low levels of splatter & lower radiant heat). Class 2 garments are designed for more hazardous welding situations (high levels of splatter & higher radiant heat).

Garments that are manufactured to meet EN ISO 14116 are made from flame retardant materials. If the garment were to come into contact with a flame, it would only burn for a limited amount of time. After the flame has been put out, the material will stop burning. Garments certified to this standard should not be worn to protect against convective heat, radiant heat and molten metal.

Offering protection for a wide range of work environments, garments that are certified to EN ISO 11612 provide protection against convective heat, radiant heat, molten aluminium splash, molten iron splash and contact heat, as well as limited flame spread. A general requirement of the fabric should see a heat resistance temperature of 180°C, while not igniting or melting or shrinking by more than 5%.

Garments that are certified to EN 13034 were manufactured for work environments where a total chemical barrier is not required, but there is an increased risk of chemical splashes. Protection is limited though. If chemicals are splashed onto an EN 13034 certified garment, you should immediately move away from the affected area and remove the garment, making sure you avoid direct contact with the chemical splash.

EN 342 certified garments were designed to protect the wearer in cold work environments, usually defined by temperatures lower than -5oC when factors like humidity, wind and air temperature have been taken into consideration. EN 342 does not contain any specific requirements for foot, head or hand protection.

Designed to give protection against mist, rain and snow, EN 343 certification ensures that garments are fully waterproof - perfect for those who work outdoors. Some numbers may follow the certification, for example EN 343 3,2. The first number represents the level of waterproof protection, with the second number representing the level of breathability (3 being the highest level for both, and 1 being the lowest).

Trousers and overalls that provide kneepad pockets to protect the wearer when kneeling will be certified to EN 14404 when worn with the appropriate knee pads. Knee pads are tested on three main qualities - penetration resistance, force distribution and shock absorption.

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