Plan A Fundraiser Infographic

Events is a growing industry with over 100 fundraisers each week. From coffee mornings to marathons, events are a large part of everyday life in the UK. London being one of cities to host most of the iconic charity events.

When planning an events there's a lot of aspect to think about prior to organising a fundraiser. The infographic runs through where to start when planning your event, what is required and guidance up until the day. It can be daunting at first but is achievable.

Where to start when planning a fundraiser!

START - lots of planning is required when organising a fundraiser. Main aspects to consider are what type of fundraiser you are looking to plan, the chosen charity, reasons why you have chosen that charity, what is your overall specific goal and what do you personally want to achieve from it. The larger the event the more it will cost you, so you need to consider on setting a budget as it can become costly. Next steps once you've decided on the type of fundraiser, charity and goal is the location and venue. The venue needs to be easily accessible, where is the venue located and will people be willing to travel far.

MAKE PEOPLE AWARE OF YOUR FUNDRAISER - once you have confirmed the finer details, date, time and the venue is booked you need to start making people aware of your fundraiser! Make sure you put all the relevant details on the invitation to avoid questions and if there's a registration fee and how to pay also RSVP date and who contact information in case of an emergency. Make sure you have roped you friends and family in to be volunteers.

PUBLICISE YOUR EVENT- shout about it. Push out on social media, do a leaflet drop and get your local newspaper involved. Make sure you do this a few months prior to the event.

LEADING UP TO THE EVENT - be prepared. Make sure you have everything booked and have done an audit on the venue. You have a full schedule for the day so you and your volunteers know what is happening and who is manning which areas also making your volunteers clear to identify. This may include personalised t-shirts for the day or Hi-Viz vests. Make the charity aware of the event as at times they may be able to support and also make clear signage to the toilets!

DAY OF THE EVENT - send a reminder out to all the attendees. Get there before anyone else, have a printed schedule for everyone and brief once all the volunteers arrive. Keep the registration as simple as possible to avoid queues and track all money coming in and going out! Otherwise you are ready for your fundraiser and enjoy it!