Yves Saint Laurent - Case Study

The Introduction

Founded in France in 1961, Yves Saint Laurent has grown to become one of the largest fashion houses in the world with yearly global revenue reaching almost $16 billion. YSL are renowned for popularising a number of fashion trends such as the beatnik look, safari jackets and even the women’s tuxedo way back in 1966. The fashion house have a number of their own stores across the globe and are also a prominent brand presented in a number of up scale department stores.

The Requirements

Workwear Express were approached by L’Oreal, who own the licensing rights to Yves Saint Laurent cosmetic products, to produce a range of printed t-shirts to help promote the new “Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils Baby Doll” cosmetic range. These were to be worn by the various YSL cosmetics staff that the fashion house has in department stores across the country. The t-shirts needed to be a comfortable fit but also an appropriate style and colour to effectively promote the new cosmetic range and the Yves Saint Laurent brand as a whole.

The End Product

Workwear Express consulted with L’Oreal to suggest possible garments that would be ideal in providing a stylish appearance and comfortable fit for their staff, while also providing the best quality application. Once the t-shirt and colour had been decided, we placed the designs on to digital representations of the t-shirts and sent them through to L'Oreal for approval. Once approval was given we were able to apply the design to the front and back of over 700 t-shirts using one of our screen printing machines. These were then securely packaged and delivered L’Oreal's offices in London who were then able to distribute them as they required.

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