Tesco Case Study

The Introduction

They've been an ever present part of our high streets and shopping centres for decades as Tesco PLC has grown to become one of the UK's biggest supermarket chains ever since first opening it's doors way back in 1919. Providing consumers with a range of household brands offering great value food, drink and other necessities, Tesco currently employ more than 310,000 members of staff across their 3,500+ UK stores and franchises as well as another 200,000 staff members overseas in Malaysia, Czech Republic, Hungary, India and many other countries. 

The Requirements

Workwear Express were approached by G3 Events, a corporate events team from Cheshire, who were acting on behalf of Tesco to create a number of embroidered polo shirts that would be used as commemorative gifts for a Tesco managers' retail event at the NEC in Birmingham. The polo shirts needed to remain true to the infamous Tesco brand style while also holding a high enough quality that the garment services the test of time as a memorable gift. 

The End Product

Our advisors spoke with G3 Events to get an idea of the exactly what they were looking for in their polo shirts and which garments in our collection we felt would best meet those needs. After much deliberation it was decided that one of our best selling Russell classic poly cotton polo shirts would be used as they offer both a men's and women's style for a comfortable fit as well as coming in the French Navy colour which is synonymous with the Tesco brand. Our artwork department then turned the Tesco logo into an embroidered swatch sample so that G3 Events could seen the quality of the stitch and get an overall feel for how the logo will look when embroidered onto the navy blue polo shirts. 

Once G3 let us know that they were happy for us to proceed with production, the logo was then embroidered on to the 1,550 polo shirts before being securely packaged and distributed to their offices in Chester well ahead of the required event deadline. 

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