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Spur Restaurants - Case Study

Promoting Spur Restaurants.

The Requirement

Originating in South Africa in 1967, Spur Restaurants have grown to become an international steak and grill restaurant chain with 429 restaurants in South Africa as well as 50 spread out across the rest of Africa, The UK, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. The company also owns a pasta and pizza restaurant chain as well as a majority stake in a fish and grill chain. Spur have become known for the various daily offers they run around a selection of dishes which has resulted in them amassing a large social media presence.

Workwear Express were approached by Spur in 2011 to produce a number of printed t-shirts to help the restaurant chain promote the various events and activities that they ran on a regular basis. The t-shirts needed to contain a range of different colours to signify each event, while also being comfortable to wear, long lasting and hold a number of sizes to ensure they would fit their staff perfectly.

The Solution

We worked with Spur to look through the various t-shirts that have proven popular for marketing promotions with customers we had worked with in the past. Once the t-shirts were chosen, we created the artwork for the designs so that Spur could see how the design will look on the shirts prior to mass production of all 3,000 t-shirts. This is a trend has continued over the years with Workwear Express producing thousands of printed and embroidered garments both as promotional clothing for their events and also as part of uniforms for the various staff they employ throughout their UK restaurants.

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