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RSPCA Leicester - Case Study

The Introduction

RSPCA Leicester pride themselves on providing the very best love, care and attention for stray and unwanted pets, injured wildlife and animals that have been subject to cruelty. Not only do they offer this care for animals, they also put an incredible amount of effort into rehoming pets (RSPCA Leicester has one of the lowest animal return rates in the country) as well as engaging in the local community by fundraising and educating people on animal care and dog training classes etc. 

The Requirements

In late 2013, RSPCA Leicester made their first order with Workwear Express. It consisted of polo shirts and fleece jackets for their staff uniform. The order also included an embroidered RSPCA logo. We were pleased to hear positive feedback about the garments from RSPCA Leicester and we were even more pleased when they placed a follow up order. Since then, RSPCA Leicester have made dozens of orders with Workwear Express and we are very happy to call them a regular and loyal customer. 

The End Product

The other orders have consisted of fleece jackets, polo shirts, shirts, blouses and hoodies. The garments have been used for a variety of reasons, including uniforms for the incredible staff of RSPCA Leicester, fundraising/promotional events and the previously mentioned community events. The majority of orders have also come with the RSPCA embroidered or printed on, with Workwear Express offering our advice on which garments would be best suited for embroidery and print.