Royal Air Force - Case Study

The Introduction

The Royal Air Force have become globally recognised as one of the leading air forces in the world ever since it was first founded in 1918, playing a pivotal role in the Battle of Britain campaign during World War 2. To celebrate this great historical victory, the RAF held yearly flights in celebration of the achievements which eventually resulted in the formation of the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight display team. This team of elite pilots have marvelled crowds up and down the country year after year as they display a wide range if aerial skills in some of Britain's most iconic aircraft.

The Requirements

Workwear Express were approached by the Ministry of Defence, to produce a range of garments and other items that would be used by their Display Team during the many activities the group carried out during the year. The garments needed to hold the the military's pride in an immaculate appearance that built trust and also positively reflected the MoD and the RAF.

The End Product

We liaised with one of their team to determine which types of garments they were looking for and then suggested possible garments. Upon selection we first confirmed with our suppliers that the they had a large enough quantity of each garment to cover any long term purchases and then sent samples of the trousers, polo shirt and cap so they could see first hand the quality of the garments. A larger order was then placed for trousers, polo shirts and fleece jackets with each of the garments being identically embroidered with the RAF logo. Since those initial orders we have worked with the MoD on numerous occasions providing them with a selection of customised garments to be used during the various display events and other activities they were carrying out.

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