North East Ambulance Service - Case Study

The Introduction

Each and every day the North East Ambulance service deals with over 1,000 emergency calls from all corners of the region. In order to handle this large influx of orders they have a number of dedicated professionals who have each received the highest standard of training, allowing them to provide the care and treatment required in any given emergency situation. The North East Ambulance Service also has one of the largest numbers of community volunteers who act as dedicated first responders on the scene of an incident.

The Requirements

Workwear Express were approached by the North East Ambulance Service in 2013 to produce a wide range of garments that would be worn by both training professionals and the volunteers which are readily available within communities throughout the region. The garments needed to be practical and offer freedom of movement as they would be worn by the various professionals and volunteers the NEAS uses to assist with daily emergency incidents. They also needed the garments to fit the style and design that has come synonymous with the NHS and be delivered within a strict time frame. It was important that all staff have all the required garments readily available to wear as soon as possible.

The End Product

We worked with the North East Ambulance Service to put together a selection of garments based on their initial requirements. These garments included polo shirts, jackets and safety boots. Once the garments and numerous colours were selected, we created a swatch sample of the Ambulance Service’s logo that was then posted to them. This allowed them to see first-hand how the finished logo would look on the fabric and for them to give approval prior to the garments being embroidered. The garments were then packaged and distributed in a timely fashion to the required delivery address. This is a process which has been repeated over many orders with the North East Ambulance Service. To save time and get the garments to the lifesaving professionals, the garments were dispatched directly from our production facility to the various ambulance stations, headquarters and region departments that the garments were created for.

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