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LIVES - Case Study

The Introduction

The Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Services, or LIVES, is an incredible charity which sees trained LIVES volunteers respond to 999 emergencies across Lincolnshire and carry out medical procedures and treatments to those who require it. More than 700 LIVES volunteers, including more than 70 doctors, nurses and paramedics, give up their own time in order to save lives and offer relief for the East Midlands Ambulance Service. The registered charity, which runs solely off public donations, is estimated to have helped 1 in 6 people in Lincolnshire since 2000. 

The Requirements

In 2016, LIVES made their first order with Workwear Express. That order included softshell jackets and polo shirts. They also wanted the garments personalised with the LIVES logo. We offered our expertise on printing and embroidery to help them come to the decision of which garments they wanted personalised with print and which ones they wanted personalised with embroidery. 

The End Product

In the relatively short space of time since their first order, LIVES have placed dozens of orders for hundreds of garments since then. The orders have been fairly consistent, with softshell jackets, trousers, polo shirts and safety helmets featuring on almost every order. All garments have come with the LIVES logo printed or embroidered on the front, with text such as Paramedic, Doctor or Technician printed or embroidered on the back. We hope that LIVES continue to use Workwear Express in the future for their workwear and uniform needs as we are proud to be associated with this great charity.