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K J Reptiles Supplies - Case Study

Workwear Express has recently supplied workwear to KJ Reptile Supplies.

KJ Reptile Supplies were looking for new ways to present a more natural and comfortable experience to customers. Due to the intricate nature of the stock that they supply, many customers often require a variety of information and advice prior to actually making a purchase. As such it was important for the staff of KJ Reptile Supplies to have professional appearing uniforms that helped provide trust and build that initial relationship between themselves and their customers. The reptile suppliers also required the polo shirts within a strict time frame in order to create the best first impression with visiting customers.

Launched in early 2012, KJ Reptile Supplies has grown to become a popular independent exotic pet retailer. selling a selection of exotic pet care products including livefood, frozen foods, reptile housing, heating equipment and much more.

The solution

Workwear Express supplied KJ Reptile Supplies with embroidered polo shirts that prominently showed their logo on the left breast, relaying this professional appearance that the company were seeking. Prior to embroidering the garments, we wanted to make sure that KJ Reptile Supplies were completely happy with how the logo would look. As such we provided the company with a digital design showing the KJ logo on the polo shirts.

Due to the short time frame in which they needed the garments, we placed the order on to our express delivery service and ensured that the polo shirts were in their possession ahead of the required deadline. KJ Reptile Supplies were very happy with the finished polo shirts they received and believed that the uniforms played a pivotal role in helping aide the growth of their business by providing that professional appearance they sought but also acting as a strong marketing and promotional tool to open their brand to a completely new demographic.

"A positive effect on our staff members!"

"The uniform provided by Workwear Express has had a positive effect on our staff members, due to our staff now feeling more part of the company. The clothing we chose blends in well with our logo colours and provides more of a professional look. When we are looking for some other workwear or other items that Workwear Express stock we will have no hesitation to use the company again."

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