Hamley's - Case Study

The Introduction

While their main store has grown to become one of London’s premier tourist attractions, bringing around 5 million visitors each year, the toy company also boasts a number of other locations through the UK. Originally founded under the name “Noah’s Ark” in 1760, Hamleys is one of the oldest and largest toy stores in the world, with more than 50,000 toys across 7 floors in their London flagship store.

The Requirements

Workwear Express were approached by Hamleys in late 2011 to provide a new range of staff uniforms for the toy store. The uniforms needed to offer a smart, professional appearance while still holding true the iconic Hamleys’ brand that the company have spent over 250 years developing. As Hamleys members of staff are constantly engaging their customers through a range of entertaining initiatives, it was important that the uniforms also embraced an appearance that encouraged interaction from customers and helped to build up trust.

The End Product

We met with Hamleys on a number of occasions to discuss potential garments for their uniform collection. In an attempt to narrow down the selection we provided Hamleys with a number of sample garments which they then had their staff try on in order to gauge comfort, feel and overall appearance. Based on these sample trials the uniforms were narrowed to a specific garment range which were then customised with the Hamleys logo via both embroidery and screen print.

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