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Greggs - Case Study

Greggs PLC is the largest retail bakery chain in the United Kingdom.

Greggs The Bakers have been creating a range of fresh baked goods to satisfy hungry customers ever since it was first founded in 1939. Over the last 75 years the company has become has grown to become Britain’s largest bakery chain with over 20,000 employees working in more than 1,600 shops across the UK.

Popularity in the Greggs brand has grown so much that they have also appeared in a Sky documentary looking at the inner workings of the bakery titled ‘Greggs: More Than Meats The Pie.’

The Requirement

We were approached by Greggs in 2005 to produce a range of staff uniforms for their entire staff base across the UK. The uniforms needed to portray a professional image that positively reinforces their corporate brand while also being suitable to for use in the various departments Greggs have.

Also, due to the large volume of staff that Greggs employ, they needed an easy and efficient way by which stock levels can be controlled by central personnel within Greggs and then distributed to their various outlets as required.

The Solution

Throughout the early stages of the process we visited Greggs at their main headquarters to carry out a number of project meetings to understand the Greggs brand and the best way to enforce this image through their staff uniforms. Once we had decided on an ideal style for the uniform range, we then carried out a number of wearer trials across their various departments to ensure that the chosen garments had a comfortable fit, style and appearance prior to mass production.

To handle the stock control requirement, we placed Greggs on to our managed accounts platform. This provided them with a dedicated account manager to handle all of their requests, warehouse space and staff to house their stock and call the garments off when needed, as well as next day delivery to ensure they were delivered to the required store in an appropriate time frame.

We also provided Greggs with a bespoke online account management system. This allowed their head office, regional offices and even individual stores to access the platform and order garments that they required. Specific privileges were given to the various members of staff allowing them to purchase based on selected items, total value, quantity amount and other parameters that were set by Greggs. This allowed Greggs’ head office to remain in control of the platform, enabling the most efficient way to distribute stock throughout all of their UK stores.

This system has been in place for a number of years and has been very successful in providing the great ease-of-use Greggs initially required in being able to control and distribute stock to an ever growing workforce.

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