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Big Brother - Case Study

Clothing for the Big Brother Challenges.

The Requirement

Big Brother have grown since its inception in the Netherlands in 1999 to become one of the biggest reality television shows on the planet. The show has not only had 15 series' on UK television, it's also been broadcast in more than 50 countries across the world, producing more than 300 individual winners as well as countless celebrity editions and spin-off. You may not know that Big Brother was actually created based on the 1949 novel "nineteen eighty four" by George Orwell which looks at surveillance and public manipulation within an area known as Airstrip One.

We were approached by Big Brother's production company Endemol in 2012 to provide them with a range of garments to be used during one of housemate challenges. The garments needed to match the theme of the task they were running but also be the exact sizes in order to comfortably fit the housemates who were taking part.

The Solution

We worked with representatives of Endemol to find the right selection of coverallsWellington boots and jackets that would fit the style they were looking for. We then checked with the suppliers to make sure all sizes were available and placed the garments on to our express service to ensure that they would be delivered to Endemol's premises well in advance of the date the task was taking place. Following this, we were pleased to be able to provide Big Brother with more garments for the following year's series as well as a selection of items for the celebrity version of the show.

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