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Tool@rrest Global: Elevating Safety Standards

Making Workplaces Safer with Tool@rrest Global

The safety of our workforce is paramount at Workwear Express, and that's why we are proud to supply Tool@rrest Global products. With falling objects often ranking as the second leading cause of workplace fatalities, the importance of securing tools and objects when working at height cannot be overstated. Recognising the severe legal and financial implications of workplace accidents, companies and regulatory bodies alike now mandate the total prevention, rather than just the management, of these risks.

The Inherent Safety of Tool@rrest Global

As a brand, Tool@rrest Global represents an embodiment of safety. Every one of their products is not only safe but has been independently verified, and each comes individually serial-numbered. Born out of their mission to make workplaces safer, Tool@rrest Global has created a comprehensive solution that focuses on preventing tools and objects from falling when working at height.

Their innovative system features a fail-safe tool tether, independently tested and validated. With this tether at its core, the system includes an impressive selection of lanyards, tool belts, and tool storage solutions. Their unique “Retr@fit” and self-fit tethers can be effortlessly applied to your existing tools and are also available on new purchases. This all-encompassing approach ensures that operators can handle and store tools effectively and safely, minimising risks when the tools are in use, in storage, or in transit.

Tool@rrest Global: A Story of Innovation and Growth

Founded in 2009, Tool@rrest Global has broadened its portfolio to incorporate the 'work at height' brand, Fall@rrest Global, and its 'safety and hygiene' brand, Tecs@fe Global, all under the umbrella of Technical Safety Products Ltd. Based out of their global headquarters in Telford, UK, Tool@rrest Global has become a leading manufacturer of certified safety products, all meticulously engineered to protect individuals.

Driven by their core values of safety, innovation, and integrity, Tool@rrest Global's commitment to enhancing safety is unwavering. This is evident in their constant development and production of groundbreaking products, training schemes, and solutions. Their products, reaching clients via a network of certified distributors worldwide, deliver considerable value across various applications and industries including utility, offshore, telecoms, rail, and construction.

The Step A, B, C Programme: A New Era in Safety

Tool@rrest Global marked 2021 with the launch of their Step A, B, C programme. The initiative utilises a colour-coded system—red, amber, green—to deliver clear, simple, and safe solutions.

UK legislation now mandates the prevention of falling objects in workplaces where employees work at height. This used to entail the purchase of expensive specialised equipment. However, Workwear Express, in partnership with Tool@rrest Global, now offers retrofit and self-tethering solutions that can attach fail-safe tethers to most hand tools. This means that you can incorporate these tools into a secure drop prevention system, replete with personal protective equipment, tool bags, and lanyards.

Our Tool@rrest Tethered Tool Kits offer several significant benefits:

No need to buy new tools

Compatible with most hand tools

Complies with all industry standards

Part of a holistic tool safety solution

Independently tested

Backed by statistical analysis

Tested statically, dynamically, and for tensile strength to over 500kg – a 200x safety factor

Individually serial numbered for audit control

Choose Tool@rrest Global with Workwear Express and prioritise safety like never before.

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