What To Wear In A Heatwave

Britain enjoyed sweltering conditions over the weekend with temperatures exceeding 20oC. “It might be too hot” was more than likely muttered in gardens up and down the country as, unlike the sun, the nation’s love to complain can always be relied upon to shine through.

If you were one of those who thought it was too hot, you may want to look away now as temperatures are expected to rise for the rest of the week, with some parts of the country potentially hitting 33oC.

Nicknamed the “Spanish Blowtorch”, it may not be the first heatwave Britain experiences this summer. In fact, some forecasters are predicting that this could be just the first of eight heatwaves that will hit Britain this summer.

For outdoor workers like those in construction for example, you would expect that in these temperatures clothing like vests and shorts would be allowed provided they meet safety standards. However you may be surprised to hear that some companies won’t allow anyone on their site wearing vests or shorts, regardless if they meet usual safety standards.

In fact, bricklayers in Surrey were told exactly that just a few weeks ago. Despite temperatures of 26oC, they were told by the site owners that shorts were banned. However, there were offices on the site where women were allowed to wear skirts and dresses. This was when some of the brickies had an ingenious idea to get around the unfair rules set by their bosses. Thanks to equality regulations, if a dress code applies to one gender then it must apply to another. Click here to read more.

And so, the following day, many of the bricklayers came into work on the site wearing skirts and dresses. Many of the bricklayers stated that it wasn’t only a great way to protest the rules on site, but it was the best way to avoid the genuine concern of overheating.

This kicked off a number of cases of bricklayers up and down the country showing up to work in a skirt or dress to get around building site rules. With temperatures soaring this week and possibly a few more times this summer, it may not be the last time we witness these scenes on building sites.

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