We may have only just come to the end of the first month of 2019, but it is already proving to be the year of the vegan. A record number of people have signed up for “Veganuary” and, in what will surely be one of the most bizarre statements of the year, headlines have been dominated by the Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll.

Other fast food restaurants have also hopped on the vegan train, with McDonalds announcing they will be offering a Vegan Happy Meal and Pizza Hut announcing the belated launch of their first ever Vegan Pizza. The early rise of veganism in 2019 can even be partly attributed to Piers Morgan, whose superiority complex has now turned in the direction of vegans. His deranged Twitter rants have seemingly encouraged more people to turn to veganism, or try Veganuary, simply to spite him.

While the whole point of Veganuary is to change your diet, those taking part probably don’t realise just how many animal products they use in general day to day life. While the efforts of Veganuary participants are undoubtedly appreciated, there is a lot more to being vegan than just what you eat.

Fully fledged vegans will know that, as well as food, they will have to take into consideration animal usage in almost everything they buy, from skin care products to clothing. The latter can be difficult though, particularly when it comes to hardwearing workwear.

Unfortunately at the moment, there isn’t a huge selection of top quality brands to choose from when it comes to getting the likes of vegan friendly work boots, overalls and hi vis garments. However, Amblers are one brand who are looking to make their area of specialist workwear more accessible to vegans.

A leading British safety footwear brand with over 30 years of industry experience, Amblers have developed a small but impressive collection of vegan footwear. With all of the features that you would expect from any safety footwear, their vegan collection is made from non-leather and is also free from any animal content including glues/adhesives which are made with Resin.

The Ambers Vegan Safety Shoe, Vegan Safety Boot and Vegan Safety Mid Boot all feature slip resistant certification, midsole protection and toe protection thanks to a steel toe cap. As well as ultimate protection, their vegan footwear are also lightweight, breathable and comfortable meaning that no compromises have to be made.

Given the meteoric rise of veganism over the last few years, we are certain that it is only a matter of time before top brands start follow the precedent set by Amblers and begin to cater more to the vegan market by providing hardwearing vegan workwear that does not compromise on quality or affordability.