Uniform Starter Packs

Workwear Express are now offering you a brand new range of Uniform Starter Packs! With incredible savings, the Starter Packs contain clothing and PPE that are essential for certain jobs and industries. That makes them not only perfect for new starters, they are perfect for students and apprentices too. Covering a variety of workplaces, we are sure that you will find exactly what you need to keep yourself looking smart, professional and, if needed, safe and protected in your workplace.

Put together with the day to day requirements of each industry in mind, the range includes starter packs ideal for chefs, mechanics, electricians, welders, catering workers and construction workers, as well as those who work in beauty, healthcare and those who require business attire.

Unisex Chef Starter Pack

Working in a kitchen, you’ll need clothing that will keep you protected but also cool and comfortable. The Unisex Chef Starter Pack contains a pair of chef’s trousers, a long sleeve chef’s jacket, an elasticated skull cap and a pair of food industry standard gloves.

Unisex Catering Starter Pack

The Unisex Catering Starter Pack features a bib apron, elasticated skull cap and a polo shirt designed to keep you cool so you can stay comfortable whilst staying smart in what can be a very fast paced environment.

Unisex Mechanic Starter Pack

As a mechanic, it is vital you wear the correct clothing in order to keep you safe and protected. The Unisex Mechanic Starter Pack consists of a coverall, a heavyweight polo shirt, a pair of protector boots and even a beanie to keep you warm in the winter months.

Unisex Electrician Starter Pack

We put the Unisex Electrician Starter Pack together knowing that you will need a uniform that is practical while keeping you looking smart and feeling comfortable. It contains a pair of combat trousers that are compatible with knee pads which are also included, a pair of thermal gloves, a pair of safety glasses, a durable polo shirt and a high visibility vest.

Unisex Construction Starter Pack

The correct PPE is vital in construction and that is reflected in our Unisex Construction Starter Pack which features a hard hat, a pair of safety gloves, a high visibility vest, a pair of cargo trousers and a pair of steel toe capped safety boots.

Unisex Welder Starter Pack

Although the correct uniform and PPE in any industry is vital, it is even more so if you are a welder as it is a dangerous occupation considering the machinery used. The Unisex Welder Starter Pack consists of welding gloves, a welding apron, welding sleeve covers and a welding helmet.

Men’s & Women’s Beauty Starter Pack

We have a Beauty Starter Pack for men and women, with both containing 3 beauty and spa tunics that will keep you looking professional at work without comprising on style. You can find the men’s tunics here, and the women’s tunics here.

Men’s & Women’s Business Attire Starter Pack

If you work in an office, it’s important you look smart and professional. Luckily we have you covered with Business Attire Starter Pack for men and women. The Men’s Starter Pack features a short and long sleeve shirt, a pair of smart trousers, a single breast jacket and a tie. The Women’s Starter Pack features a short and long sleeve blouse, a pair of smart trousers and a skirt.

Men’s & Women’s Healthcare Starter Pack

In the care industry you need a uniform that looks smart whilst guaranteeing all day comfort. Our Healthcare Starter Packs, available for both men and women, will do just that. The Men’s Starter Pack consists of 3 tunics and 2 scrub trousers and the Women’s Starter Pack also consists of 3 tunics and 2 scrub trousers, all available in a range of colours. 

We are constantly adding to our Uniform Starter Packs so keep an eye out and if you have any that you would like to see please email us at marketing@workwearexpress.com.