Regatta Honestly Made

Coming into the New Year Workwear Express as a business has set itself new goals and one of those is to be more aware of our environmental impact; because of this and our need for new uniform in the office we looked into the Regatta Honestly made range.

In this range all the items are made from 100% recycled fabric and of that there is at least 15 plastic bottles recycled within each garment. Another benefit of their range is the dyes used on the fabric is PFC free which means the garments are free from hazardous chemicals which are sometimes used in water proof /repellent clothing.

Within the range there are 3 items; a softshell, body warmer and fleece. Our team have all chosen either the fleece or softshell as additional uniform with our logo placed on them. They also have an extra piece of customisation stating each piece is made from at least 15 plastic bottles to make others aware of our mission within Workwear Express to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

The team are really impressed with the warmth and comfort provided in these jackets knowing what they are made of, they will certainly keep us all warm and dry for many months.

Find these items here in the Regatta range.