Pulsar Workwear Review

Pulsar® Workwear Review

Pulsar is a leading clothing line in the construction, utility, rail, and infrastructure industries, renowned for its collection of durable garments. Aside from having multiple certifications, Pulsar workwear combines comfort, style and functionality. Styles are available for both men and women and all are constructed to the same impeccably high standard. As a brand which focuses on quality, durability and comfort, they have a wide range of garments available. All of their garments can be customised so you can add your personalisation to it with ease. The main aim of this article is to outline some of the styles that Pulsar workwear has to offer. If you are searching for some hi-vis clothing then Pulsar workwear is where you stop searching. With garments available to dress you from head to toe and even some accessories, Pulsar has it all. So without praising the brand, even more, let's get to it.

Coats &Jackets

Pulsar 7 in 1 Jacket

From simple body warmers to 7-in-1 jackets, Pulsar has it all. The range of jackets is admirable as all the jackets are made with design, style, comfort and functionality in mind. With the first glance at the wide range of coats and jackets that Pulsar has to offer it can be deceiving. They all look similar. But then, you start noticing small details which make them very unique. All those small details add to the look of the Jacket and it becomes clear, that Pulsar has invested into developing the next generation jacket, which looks sleek and still provides all the features that one could require. As much as they might look good, they still need to comfort and safety. So let's look at the technical specifications of Pulsar coats and jackets. Knowing that pulsar specialises in high visibility clothing, all jackets have reflective tapes on them, which improves the visibility of the wearer. 3M™Scotchlite™ reflective tape keeps the wearer visible in dark and dim conditions. YKK® interactive or 2-way zipper on all of their coats makes it easier for the wearer to put the coat on or take it off. All the coats and jackets come with a number of pockets, which makes them adaptable to any industry. Breathable as well as being waterproof, Pulsar has you covered from rain or sweat, or both at the same time.


Pulsar workwear high visibility fleece jacket

Moving from Coats and Jackets, next on the list is Pulsar fleeces. The most important factor in fleeces is their warmth. Pulsar does not have a wide range of fleeces, but they made sure that they are warm and interacts with other products. Featuring 3M™Scotchlite™ Reflective tape, it makes the wearer visible in the dark conditions. Fleeces have a number of full zip pockets which gives you extra security for your belongings. For a more comfortable fit, fleeces have elasticated cuffs and a shock cord at waist for optimum fit. Stand up collar provides a more professional look to the garments. The fleeces also have a fixed polyester mesh lining, which reduces wind chill and allows fleeces to be put on and taken off easier. With all taken into consideration, these fleeces are great workwear garments when it is chilly outside and you need to move with ease.


Pulsar workwear high visability combat trousers

Another essential in your wardrobe, trousers. Trousers from Pulsar are made from durable polyester, which prolongs garments lifespan. Pulsar has developed their trousers with the harshest conditions in mind, thus trousers are very durable to wear and tear. With the range spanning for both, rail spec and hi-vis, you can be assured that you will find a pair of trousers which will suit your needs. If you someone who prefers wearing something which does not look like a uniform, like jeans, Pulsar has you covered as well. You can keep wearing jeans, and just pull over-trousers over them, and you are good to go. 

Pulsar workwear rail spec combat overtrousers

The range of trousers and over-trousers Pulsar offers is of quality rather than quantity. They have invested time into perfecting the garments they have, instead of producing quantity of unfinished items. Down to the specifications. All trousers have 3M™Scotchlite™ tape around them which helps you with the visibility, and for the added visibility benefit, there is extra heat applied tape on the pocket flaps. While we are talking about pockets, Pulsar introduced pockets in their over-trousers to add versatility to them. So now you don't need to reach into the pocket of the trousers to get anything. You can just use over-trousers pockets to keep your belongings safe. Well, if you don't trust the over-trouser pockets, Pulsar made a pocket access in their over-trousers so it is more comfortable to access your pockets. So back to the specs of their trousers. The orange ones are fully certified for the rail, and the original yellow ones are more suitable for the construction site.


Pulsar workwear combat coverall

If you are not the one to wear multiple garments for work, Pulsar workwear has you covered. With an ample range of overalls available you can rest assured that you will find the one suited for you. Overalls as all of Pulsar workwear is of high specification and will withstand harsh conditions. 3m™Scotchlite™ tape is a given for all their garments, as you imagined from the previous products. Coveralls are available for both warmer and colder seasons, so you only need two garments to keep you protected all year around. Pulsar Combat coveralls come with a detachable hood so even the worst storm cannot ruin your day. If by any chance you lose your hood, don't worry too much about it, Pulsar has accounted for that and are offering now extra hoods. Keeping that in mind, you don't need a new garment when you lose your hood. Just order a replacement hood and your garments are good to use in the worst conditions again.


Pulsar workwear long sleeve high visibility vest

A reflective vest is one garment that all industries use. Pulsar has improved the original design of the vest and made it more user-friendly. They have introduced a simple improvement which has changed the perception of the vest itself. They have put zippers into all of their vests. This simple improvement makes the vest look much better than the simple design.

Pulsar high visibility vest

Pulsar vests are made from 100% woven polyester which makes them water repellent. Knowing the fact that they are made from polyester, surprisingly they don't feel like plastic at all. The vests have a nice feel to it which makes them stand out besides other vests.

In conclusion, Pulsar workwear is made to the highest standards with multiple certifications, which makes the workwear suitable for multiple industries. All the garments come in men's and women's styles which is something unusual to the market. In addition, their products are not expensive, then taking into consideration all the features and certification which is carried by the garments.