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Our Top Winter Hats

Colder. Darker. Rainier. We are now well and truly in the thick of winter. While some may dwell on this, others embrace it as they welcome crisp orange leaves, pumpkin spiced lattes and of course, winter clothes.

We’re certain that you’re struggling to close your winter wardrobe due to it being so jam-packed with big, thick clothes intended to keep you as warm as possible as you prepare to conquer the bitter weather.

However we want to make sure that you are covered from head to toe. Literally. And we can ensure that you are because the season of the hat is back.

Hats have the great advantage of being not only very practical as they will keep your head nice and toasty whatever the weather, but they can also be great fashion accessories and can complete an outfit.

At Workwear Express, we have a range of hats and beanies available in a variety of styles meaning that, as I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear, you won’t need to compromise practicality and warmth for style.

If you are looking for a classically styled beanie with a stylish edge then this one by Beechfield perfect for you. It comes in a selection of colours meaning that you can pair it with any outfit, meanwhile the double layer knitted fabric will guarantee your warmth.

If you are looking for something a little less traditional and a little more fun then you will love the Pom Pom Chunky Beanie and the Snowstar Beanie. They are differently styled so one of them should suit your taste, however both will offer you protection from cutting winds and both come with a bobble perched on top.

If, when it comes to winter, you enjoy early morning walks across frostbitten fields and you want a hat to offer you nothing but protection from the morning chill then look no further than the Thinsualte Beanie. It has been made from insulating material meaning that it is assured to keep you warm while you’re out on your stroll.

Similarly, if you work outside on a building site for example, it is very important that you keep as warm as possible. This Suprafleece Summit Hat was designed to keep you warm and insulated and at the same time it is tough and durable, meaning it will stand up to the potentially harsh conditions and environments it will be exposed to.

If none of these selected hats are suited to you then don’t worry! We have a huge range of hats and beanies in a variety of styles and colours where you are bound to find the right hat for you. You can check out our full range of Hats here. Whatever you are looking for, don’t forget that a large selection of our hats are available to be personalised with artwork of your choice.