Our Top 5 Autumn Picks

It’s hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago we were basking in the sunshine as Britain enjoyed one of its hottest summers on record. Now, temperatures have plummeted and there is a chill back in the air which we are all too familiar with. 

Rather than sulk though, we think that we should embrace autumn. The cooler weather, the browner leaves and the greyer sky. Embrace it all by simply preparing for it. With that in mind, we have picked our Top 5 products that will see you through the autumn, into winter and beyond.

Scruffs Expedition Thermo Softshell

A softshell is perfect for these months between summer and winter. And few are better than the Scruffs Expedition Thermo Softshell. Scruffs use a body-mapped design to balance insulation and freedom of movement where you need it most. The range of features alongside a stylish design mean the jacket won’t look out of place in a number of environments, including a construction site. Teamed with the right layering, the softshell could also serve you well across the winter.

Regatta Micro Full Zip Fleece

The Regatta Micro Full Zip Fleece is a best seller at Workwear Express and it’s easy to see why. Great quality at a low price, the fleece is perfect to protect you from the autumn chill and can even be used as a layer garment as the temperatures continue to drop into winter. As it is from outdoor specialists Regatta, you can be assured of great performance. The jacket is also available for women.

Portwest Long Sleeved Polo Shirt

With longer sleeves and a thicker fabric, this Portwest Polo Shirt is perfect for those who work outdoors as it gives you that extra warmth needed throughout autumn and into the winter. Tested to withstand the rigours of everyday wear, the heavyweight fabric ensures the polo is hard-wearing and durable. However, comfort is not compromised thanks to the relaxed fit which allows for greater ease of movement.

JCB Water Resistant Safety Boot

With weather forecasts featuring more rain, you will be dusting down your old work boots which have been seldom seen over the summer and you’ll be noticing they are looking a little worse for wear. Why not prepare for the inevitable wet weather by treating yourself to some new waterproof boots. With a range of features designed for your safety and comfort, the JCB Water Resistant Safety Boot are the perfect choice.

Scruffs Winter Accessories Box

The Scruffs Winter Accessories Box is an essential for winter. With temperatures continuing to drop in the coming weeks, a hat, a pair of gloves and a scarf are essential to help you brave the winter weather. Luckily, this is exactly what you get in the Scruffs Winter Accessories Box. All lightweight with a soft feel, you are unlikely to find three great quality products like these at such a low price.

If, somehow, these our Top 5 Autumn Picks aren’t for you then don’t panic! We have a huge range of products that will keep you warm, comfortable and safe as we head into the colder months. From coats & jacketshoodies and t-shirts to safety bootsoveralls and trousers, whether you are looking for workwear or casualwear, we have it all.