Maternity Workwear

When it comes to Hi Vis Maternity Workwear, unfortunately there isn’t a lot on the market for women to choose from. Niche or not, it is bizarre that so many workwear brands have overlooked maternity wear for pregnant women who work in construction and industrial sectors.

Just like in every other place of work, women have the right to work through their pregnancy. However the lack of workwear available for women who work in environments that legally require hi-vis clothing is taking that option away from women.

In some cases women who require maternity workwear have instead been left to buy oversized women’s clothing and even men’s clothing to cater for their bump. Not only is this uncomfortable and impractical, it can be unsafe too.

However, one of the most forward-thinking and innovative brands we stock at Workwear Express, Leo Workwear have recognised that this is an area of the market which has been neglected for far too long and they are doing something about it.

Leo Workwear are delighted to introduce the first stocked maternity garments that conform to the official high visibility standard EN ISO 20471 and rail industry standard RIS-3279-TOM. And we are delighted to let you know that you can find the Maternity Hi-Vis Polo Shirt and Maternity Hi-Vis Cargo Trousers right here.

Specifically designed to make life at work for pregnant women safer and easier, the trousers have features such as an elasticated over-bump band and waist adjustment. Meanwhile the polo shirt has elasticated side seams and a comfortable style which caters for a baby bump.

Leo Workwear have ensured these garments work with the wearer and can be worn all the way from bump to baby.

We expect many other brands to follow Leo Workwear and start providing a wider range of maternity hi-vis workwear. And when they do, you can rely on us to bring them to you at the very best prices.