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How To Benefit From Attending A Trade Show

Attending a trade show can be an unbeatable opportunity for sales & marketing, the unique blend of both customers & competition all in one place is great for both gaining custom and carrying out competitor analysis. Finding out how to make the most of this opportunity however, can be a big challenge. If the stress of the opportunity isn't enough alone, shows come with expenses. Having to pay for a booth space, designs, and promotional materials makes a show a necessary, but costly investment. All the more reason to head to a show prepared, with correct resources & aims. Preparation for a trade show should include a thought out strategy of how your company wants to be perceived, shows are a fantastic opportunity for you to position your company to others in your industry. The main aims of a show for most are to generate leads, introduce new products and gain sales. This is something which starts before the show, 75% of trade show attendees draw up a list of exhibitors they want to visit before the show. To capitalise on this, list your company in show directories and use your online platform to reach out to people you would like to meet. Consider a campaign which draws people into your stand, this could include a giveaway of promotional goods or a discount code. You should also research the companies present and decided ahead of the show which companies you would like to visit. You should also break this down further; identify your goals based on whether or not companies are a potential customer or a competitor and what information you need to gain to be of benefit to your company. How to organise your stand & materials No matter how your trade show goods are being transported, it is vital that that they arrive at the exhibition venue on time and marked up with your company logo & name for easy identification. Make sure that all your equipment looks perfect for the show, with no damage or signs of wear. It is also worthwhile getting some custom uniforms made for you & your staff, with your company name & the show name. A customised uniform will really set your company aside from the competition; it’s also a nice memento for your members of staff. Always ensure that there is enough resource to handle queries at the stand, during quiet spells head out with an empty briefcase and stock up on contact details & promotional materials. How to follow up leads from a trade show At the end of the trade-show, especially if it was an event ran over a number of days, take the time out to draw up some notes, organise the materials you have collected and order your sales leads. As soon as you are back in the office follow up the contacts you have made, whilst it remains fresh in your mind. Good luck! Don't forget to also look the part With trade shows, the key is to help you stand out from what is a very, very big crowd. The best way to do that (aside from your huge banners and promotional materials of course) is to project yourself as a presentable professional company. Your staff uniforms will go a long way in helping to catch the eye of passing attendees. Either with a formal or informal feel, your uniforms will set you apart, create an identity and build a solid foundation to attract visitors and create trust in the products and services you have to offer. You could even go one step further and create some promotional clothing to give out as handy gifts to serve as a reminder of your business and what you offer. Many businesses will do this with printed t-shirts but you could opt for tote bags, umbrellas or something more in line which the products and services you sell. Either way you'll be guaranteed to build a positive, lasting impression. Take a look at the affordable ways to create your own staff uniforms, promotional clothing or anything else you may need to make your trade show event a success by checking out some of our great value bundle deals. Each one of them comes in a range of sizes and colours and well as allowing you to have your business logo or design applied to each via both print and embroidery: www.workwearexpress.com/free-logo-bundle-deals