How Important Is Hi-Vis Clothing To You?

High-visibility (hi-vis) clothing is now an essential today. From construction workers to people working in airports, there are now so many industries where it is vital for workers to stand out for safety purposes. Hi-vis clothing is a fairly simple and inexpensive precaution to put into place in any workplace, but it plays a major role in maintaining safety and preventing accidents.

So how does hi-vis work?

Hi-vis clothing is created using fluorescent material, which has added reflective shapes or tape. During the daytime, the UV rays from the sun will react with the fluorescent material, which causes them to have a glow. This increases visibility to make the wearer standout. In poor light conditions, such as foggy weather, the impact is stronger, which enhances safety for the person that is wearing the hi-vis workwear. At night when it is dark, alternative light sources will create the same effect. 

Why is hi-vis clothing so important?

Unlike working in an office where hazards are minimal, in workplaces like construction sites and those who work in areas where there are moving vehicles, there are plenty of hazards that have the potential to cause significant injuries. In these workplaces, proper precautions need to be taken in order to ensure that workers are as safe as possible.

Every construction site with vehicles in operation in the UK has to have a high-visibility policy by law. It is an employer’s responsibility to pay for safety equipment such as hi-vis clothing. Various roles such as traffic management would require workers to wear hi-vis trousers and jackets rather than just a hi-vis vest. This is due to traffic moving faster than an average construction vehicle and therefore drivers will need more time to respond to any potential hazards.

The EU have set a standard of high-visibility clothing, the British standard is BS EN 471 and this has been set collaboratively with the PPE laws in mind. The clothes are measured by the area of conspicuous materials and also their retro reflection performance. Any new hi-vis clothing must be marked with CE, which means it is acceptable by EU standards.

Hi-vis clothing reduces the risk of accidents and fatalities in busy environments where there is vehicle traffic - in construction areas, marshalling yards and industrial premises. At locations such as these, hi-vis workwear or PPE (personal protective equipment) is required by Health and Safety regulations. You can find out more here!

In addition to employees, site visitors may be requested to wear hi-vis jackets or waistcoats to maintain visibility and safety.

Who else should wear hi-vis clothing?

Hi-vis clothing provides protection for motor cyclists, cyclists, runners, walkers, and kids and basically anyone who is outside in the dark or dim lighting. Hi-vis clothing is now at the top of a lot of people’s lists, especially for those who have children or who work outdoors on a regular basis. When we take the kids to school in the mornings, we quite often do so in the darker, colder, wetter months of the year. You can have a look at our kids hi-vis clothing here! Wearing hi-vis clothing is an ideal way of allowing other road users to see them as school uniforms tend to be a dark colour.

Thousands of serious motorcycle accidents occur every year because car drivers do not notice the presence of a motorcycle on the roadway. One of the best ways to increase your visibility on the road is to wear hi-vis clothing. In fact, one study found that motorcyclists are 37% less likely to be involved in a motorcycle crash when they are wearing hi-vis or fluorescent clothing. Cyclists are particularly at risk on roundabouts and at cross roads, so make sure you are not an accident victim, wearing hi-vis can save your life.

More and more people are seen wearing hi-vis clothing – professions in the council, stewards outside football grounds, car park attendants directing traffic, Police now wear hi-vis uniforms, cab drivers, bus drivers and people at checkouts at airports are just a few.

How you can order hi-vis clothing?

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