Do It For Brooke

In June, we learned about the touching story of 10 year old girl Brooke Leavey. Earlier this year, Brooke received the horrific diagnosis of an inoperable brain tumour. While this is earth-shattering news, Brooke is standing shoulder to shoulder with her family and friends, all of who are as determined as Brooke to fight this diagnosis.

Brooke has been receiving care at Southampton General Hospital and recently began a 6 week intensive course of treatment to shrink the tumour at University College London Hospital, in the hope that this will alleviate some of the symptoms that she has developed.

It goes without saying that Brooke and her family are eternally grateful to the brilliant NHS who have done their utmost to care for Brooke and provide invaluable treatment. However as Brooke’s diagnosis is rare, the next phase of treatment is yet to be determined.

The Leavey family are looking into every possible treatment available, including pioneering research that may take them overseas or into the Private Medical sector. Unfortunately, these options are expensive but for the moment, and the foreseeable future, they are the only options available.

As you can imagine, the family are desperate to fund this treatment, and to help do so Brooke and her family have been organising a variety of fundraising events in their home city of Southampton. In fact, this is where Workwear Express are helping out.

We have sent the Leavey family dozens of t-shirts which have been emblazoned with #DoItForBrooke. Our donation will be worn by those taking part in these fundraising events, and by donning the t-shirts it will help spread the word and raise awareness of Brooke’s diagnosis and highlight how bravely she is battling it.

All family, friends and even the local community are pulling together to try and raise as much money as possible to fund this pioneering treatment for Brooke, which is not yet available on the NHS.

The Leavey family have also set up a Go Fund Me page, for those up and down the country who have been touched by Brooke’s story and want to help out any way they can on what will be a long journey.

This money raised will be used to fund the treatment, participate in medical trials and help out Brooke’s parents with living costs as they focus all time and energy into their daughter.

Brooke is contributing to the fight to beat this for not only herself, but for other children in the future too. Here is the link for the Go Fund Me page, where you can donate, read more about Brooke’s story and keep up to date with how her treatment is going: