Creative and Charitable Recycling!

This week Workwear Express were contacted by a woman called Pat Storey, who was querying about what we do with any returned or damaged items and if it would be possible for us to donate them to her. Why? In her spare time, Pat selflessly takes items like t-shirts, polo shirts and fleece jackets and transforms them into headwear which is then donated to patients suffering hair loss through chemotherapy.

Pat became aware of the idea after, sadly, her husband was diagnosed with cancer. After her husband started chemotherapy, Pat realised how comforting and supportive it is for patients to have suitable headwear and wanted to do anything she could to help. Not only her husband, but others undergoing chemotherapy too.

With returned customised garments and garments which are judged to be damaged by our quality control team, we look to recycle those which are suitable, or we have the fabrics shredded down and used to help create mulch. Simple, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

As we would be essentially sending Pat garments for her to recycle, we were happy to help. And the heart-warming end product Pat creates was an added bonus. We asked Pat to unpick or cover up any garments which may have been customised and she was happy to comply.

We have already sent Pat a batch of garments which she has transformed into headwear. Alongside with some images of the finished pieces, Pat also gave us some interesting updates. For example, did you know a small t-shirt can be used to make 3 beanies, while a large t-shirt can be used to make 5! As you can see below, the transformation is incredible:

Pat was inspired to create and donate headwear to chemotherapy patients when she discovered an American charity called “The Turban Project”, who provide headwear for those who suffer from hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, surgery and alopecia. You can visit their website if you want to learn more or get involved. 

And finally, feel free to contact Workwear Express if you have any other ideas of how we can re-use returned and damaged garments. We are always looking to be sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, and that involves recycling as much as we can. Any "outside of the box" suggestions like this one would be greatly appreciated!