Check Out Our Sustainable Mailing Bags!

We are now more aware than ever of the impact plastic waste has on the environment around us. In fact, 44% of Britons now believe reducing plastic is the number one priority for sustainable living. This is a view that we share here at Workwear Express, which is why we recently started using mailing bags which are 100% sustainable, 100% renewable and 100% recyclable. 

We are the first workwear provider in the UK to deliver your order to you in sustainable mailing bags, and it’s thanks to Duo UK. Duo UK manufacture mailing bags using GreenPE, a thermoplastic sustainable resin, made from sugar cane. 

Not only is GreenPE sustainable, renewable and recyclable, the bags are also CO2 negative as sugar cane plants absorb CO2 from the atmosphere during its production and reduce greenhouse gas emission. 

And you don’t have to compromise on performance. GreenPE has the same technical properties, appearance and versatility of polyethylene, which is made using non-renewable and unsustainable fossil fuels. 

To put into context the great work Duo UK have achieved with their GreenPE mailing bags, an estimated 412 million mailing bags were shipped in the UK in 2018. If all of these were made from GreenPE, as opposed to polyethylene, 46,276 tonnes of CO2 would be saved - which is the equivalent of a plane flying around the world 10,000 times.

And the staggering numbers don’t end there. The production of 200,000 tonnes of GreenPE results in an annual reduction of 800,000 tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent to the annual emissions of 800,000 cars!  

It has never been easier to make changes in our day-to-day lives to reduce plastic usage, so there are no excuses for any of us to make these changes, no matter how small. We are proud to be doing our bit for Planet Earth, and we are always looking for ways to be more sustainable and eco-friendly throughout the company.  

We are also looking to expand our sustainable and organic clothing range and make it easier for you to access, so you can be assured that the process of buying these garments is completely sustainable, from supplier sourcing to our delivery to your door.