Black Friday 2019

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It’s hard to remember life before Black Friday, but the annual November sales aren’t even a decade old in Britain. In 2010, Asda became the first big retailer in Britain to have a Black Friday style sale, not put off by unsavoury footage of customers in the US resorting to violence to get their hands on the best deals. However, it was a huge success.

It was so much of a huge success that the following year, a whole host of other retailers followed suit, offering games consoles, tech gadgets, electronic appliances and a lot more at massively cut prices. Retailers were confident the British public would not mirror their American counterparts and shop in a civilised manner. They were wrong.

On the 25th of November 2011, carnage unfolded. Our love of queueing was the first thing discarded as shoppers crammed through the doors of retailers in a desperate attempt to get a bargain. The next day, the news was full of footage of people causing physical harm to fellow shoppers just to get their hands on a really cheap toaster.

The British public were undeterred though, and Black Friday returned the following year. More retailers took part, more prices were slashed, and more head bashing was caught on camera. It looked certain to become a mainstay on the British calendar as Black Friday became the biggest day of shopping in Britain in both 2013 and 2014.


However, 2014 marked the most violent Black Friday we had seen in Britain during its short, violent history. So in the run up to Black Friday in 2015, Britain looked at itself in the mirror in an almost hungover state and decided enough is enough. Many retailers opted out of offering in store Black Friday sales due to the bad publicity attached to it. Some retailers still went ahead with Black Friday but did so under a heavier security presence and strict rules.

For the most part, 2015 marked the year Black Friday died in Britain. At least it did in terms of in-store shopping. A lot of online retailers like Amazon, Very and AO started offering huge Black Friday sales. Asda, John Lewis and Argos were among the bigger names who followed suit as they shifted their Black Friday sales from in-store to online.

All of this meant that in 2015, a staggering £1 billion was spent online on Black Friday, a record breaking day of internet shopping. Black Friday spending records would go on to be broken in 2016, 2017 and 2018, with £1.25 billion, £1.39 billion and £1.41 billion being spent by British shoppers respectively.

You won’t be surprised to hear that many are predicting 2019 to be another record breaking Black Friday for online sales. Thankfully, the days of fighting in the aisles of shops appear to have been nothing more than a flash in the pan in Britain. And it was predictable really given the popularity of online shopping anyway, meaning the most violent thing you are likely to do this Black Friday is hit your space bar in the hope the webpage somehow loads quicker.