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Andrex Puppies Will Be Looking Good With Printed Hoodies From Workwear Express

Workwear Express have recently had the opportunity to produce a number of printed hoodies for one of the nations most well known toilet roll brand, Andrex. Approached by owners Kimberly-Clark, an American personal care corporation who also own other well known brands such as Kleenex, Huggies, Pull-Ups and more, we were asked to provide them with a number of printed zip up hoodies containing the Andrex logo on the chest. These were to be used as part of the various promotional activities and events which the company had planned to help boost brand awareness from Andrex across the summer months and throughout the rest of the year. The hoodies were printed using one of two screen printing machines which allow us to print up to 12 colours on to a range of garments. Each colour is held within an individual screen which is then applied to the garments one at a time. Don't just take our word for it, take a look for yourself and see the Andrex logo being applied to the royal blue hoodies via the video below As the order required a turnaround of just a few days, we placed the order on to our 48 Hour Delivery service which allowed us to place the order, create the artwork, print the hoodies and deliver them to their premises in Kent exactly 48 hours from when the order was placed. This newly launched service has become an incredibly popular and ideal way to quickly source any promotional clothing which may be required at short notice for events and other functions. Andrex PuppyWhile Andrex has been around since 1942, originally as a disposable handkerchief, it was the early 1970's when Andrex became a popular household name primarily through their use of the well loved Andrex puppies. In fact, these iconic TV ads almost never were as television regulators didn't like the original idea of a young girl running through the house with a roll of toilet roll trailing behind her as they believe it encouraged young children to be wasteful.  The idea was eventually changed from a young girl to a Labrador puppy and thus the iconic TV campaign which has seen over 130 puppy related ads was born. This isn't the first large brand name to take advantage of the many services offered by Workwear Express. See how many household names you can recognise by taking a look at our Case Studies.