5 Things You Should Never Wear To The Office This Summer

It may be hard to believe as the British summer has been underwhelming and damp so far, but a potentially record-breaking heatwave is on the way. Despite a grey and rainy start to the week, a plume of warm African air is about to hit Britain.

Europe is already baking in the heatwave with the hottest temperatures being recorded in the south of France, where thermometers hit a staggering 45oc. By the end of the week, much of Britain is set to be basking in temperatures in the late 20s and early 30s. In fact, the record for the hottest temperature ever recorded in the country, 34oc, could be exceeded.

It’s at these times when you start to wonder if you should wear something a little different for work to cope with the heat and feel a little more summery. Especially for those of us that work in an office.

While it does essentially depend on your employer, you shouldn’t assume what is and isn’t allowed to be worn in the office. Unless you have been given the go ahead by your employer, we have put together a list of clothing that you should NEVER wear for work, no matter how glorious the British summer may be.

An Oversized, Floppy Hat 

Great for keeping your face protected from the sun when you are at the beach for the day. You aren’t going to face this problem at your desk though. Wearing one on the way to work is fine, just make sure you leave it in your car! 

Sunglasses Indoors

Wearing sunglasses to work on a sunny day is fine. Sensible even. But when outdoors becomes indoors, you should take off your sunglasses. This could be a general, everyday rule but it is certainly the case at work. It’s not very professional as your workmates can’t look you in the eye and even worse, someone may think you are trying to hide what you were up to the night before.

Unbuttoned Shirts

Arguably acceptable on holiday under exceptional circumstances, it is undeniably unacceptable to unbutton your shirt more than you usually would at work during the summer months. Men tend to be the worst offenders for this one. Your colleagues don’t want to see your chest hair while they stress over spreadsheets and deadlines. So remember, before leaving for work, if you are asking yourself “is that one button too many?” chances are it probably is. And chances are you should probably button up the next one too.


When it comes to leggings, there are two kinds of people. Those who wear them for the gym, their intended purpose, and those who wear them for lounging around on the sofa, catching up on their favourite TV shows. Whichever you are it shows that leggings are, if anything, cool and comfortable. Unfortunately this isn’t enough justification to wear them in the office. They don’t carry the professionalism as trousers or smart jeans, so save the leggings for the gym…or the sofa.

Socks with Sandals

One for the hipsters and the dads who no longer care about their appearance anymore. Whatever you think of socks with sandals, they aren’t appropriate to wear in the office. It could be argued that they aren’t appropriate at all. Anywhere. Ever. But that’s a debate for another day. The point here is it’s not the most professional look to sport in an office.

At Workwear Express, we have a range of shirts, polo shirts and trousers that will keep you feeling cool at your desk this summer, without compromising on professionalism. Various styles and moisture wicking qualities should ensure that you avoid committing any of the office crimes listed above.