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July 2013 Workwear Express Packs a Punch with Academy Of Hard Knocks

With a name like “The Academy of Hard Knocks” you’d expect a group of battle worn, no nonsense group of guys who are looking for a fight. You’d be part right in thinking that, only part right. The academy of hard knocks is an initiative aimed at helping troubled youth offenders, and those who want to turn their life around. By developing their mental and physical strength through life coaching, exercise and martial arts training, the academy helps to give youths a focus in life, and something to strive towards and an area they can better themselves in.

The academy recently approached workwear express, wanting a line of branded t-shirts printing with the brand logo. These t-shirts proved to be a huge success, as the academy has sold out of t-shirts and has returned to Workwear Express for another line of printed t-shirts.

The free, 12 week program, is headed by some of UK’s biggest names in MMA including UK1 British Light heavyweight champion Nick Chapman and UK1 British MMA light-weight champion Jay Dods, along with MMA coach Suleman Raja and a host of other professional athletes. 

Workwear Express has worked with a number of sports and fitness brands, providing high quality performance and promotional t-shirts. More and more brands within the fitness sector see the impact and importance of brand advocates. These advocates are proud to spread word about organisations they trust, and love, and a promotional t-shirt is one of the easiest ways to help spread the word and raise brand awareness.

The academy’s t-shirts sold out at their recent MMA fight night, hosted at the Maida Gym in Hampshire, owned by Nick Chapman. The event was a chance for the youths enrolled with the academy to showcase what they have learned, and gave each of them a goal to work towards. It was also a chance for the academy to show the good work that the initiative is doing for the youths, and how they can help prevent troubled youths becoming offenders.

Following a hugely successful event, and their line of t-shirts selling out, the academy looks to improve brand awareness for the initiative and continue the growth of scheme.

You can find out more by following the academy of hard knocks on Facebook or visiting their website. If, like the academy, you would like to benefit from a line of promotional t-shirts, head over to Workwear Express today.