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January 2012 Workwear Express kits out Big Brother 2012

Workwear Express recently teamed up with Endemol UK to supply some of their clothing for Celebrity Big Brother 2012.

Workwear Express was approached at the end of 2011 and asked to partner with the Endemol production for their next series. The company has so far supplied high visibility jackets, green aprons, white blouses and sets of black and white gloves, some of which were showcased by the celebrities in last night’s fairy tale themed task. 

Andrew Ward, Managing Director at Workwear Express commented:  “This is the second year we have partnered with Endemol to supply apparel for the Big Brother series.  The team at Workwear Express were delighted to hear about our involvement in the show again and ensured they tuned in to watch last night’s challenge.  It’s not every day you see some of the products you sell day-to-day on such a high profile reality show”.