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June 2013 Workwear Express Help Big Brother Battle Zombies

Workwear Express has continued their tradition of working with high profile television shows, this time providing a range of products for Big Brother.

In the latest task, the Big Brother house was invaded by zombies, infecting a number of the housemates, resulting in them having to move into quarantine. In order to overcome the illness, the housemates had to cure themselves by completing a number of challenges. These involved eating dog food, fermented fish and sheep eyes.           

This isn’t the first time Workwear Express have worked with Big Brother, having provided the celebrity version of the show with red shorts for a task earlier in the year. 

However, Big Brother isn't the one major television show Workwear Express has provided clothing for, having worked with the likes of MTV’s Geordie Shore and The Valleys as well as ITV’s singing competition The X Factor in the past.  

The number of major television shows and brands that Workwear Express are working with in a daily basis, demonstrates the company’s growth in recent years, continuing to strengthen in the future with new investments, services and products.


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