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June 2013 Working Hard With Durham Crossfit

“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat” How does that sound to you? Feeling guilty yet? Having 2nd thoughts about tonights takeaway?

This is a principle that that crossfitters around the world adhere to. So your next question is.. “What is Crossfit?” Crossfit is a fitness programme created by Greg Glassman. Unlike bodybuilding, the aim of crossfit is not to grow muscles to abnormal sizes, it is 100% about performance driven results. The nature of Crossfit is built around the ideal of performing the exercises that would drive overall, improved athletic performance. Crossfit does not specialise into one niche, although the Crossfit workout’s themselves could be described as niche. The regime has over 6,000 official affiliated gym’s worldwide, and one is very close to home for Workwear Express – Durham Crossfit.
Situated in the Dragonville industrial estate of Durham, the club recently commissioned Workwear Express to deliver a range of printed t-shirts for the club. These boxwear t-shirts sported a fantastic design, rich in the philosophy of Crossfit, combining it with a traditional, Durham inspired look.

The Durham Crossfit gym is not your typical “health & fitness club” as they self-profess on their website. The guys over at Durham Crossfit are not interested in catering to the casual, talk for 30 minutes, train for 15 minute crowd. The workouts they run differ day to day incorporating a wide range of different training styles such as gymnastics, weightlifting, kettle bells and other functional movements. All are great for those looking to undergo an amazing before and after weight loss transformation.


Coming from someone who has traditionally followed a mixture of weightlifting, power lifting and bodybuilding workout routines, crossfit is a different breed. No matter how intimidating or “out there” the workouts seem, the guys over at Durham Crossfit are more than approachable, welcoming people of all fitness levels and having a strong, community drive, much like Workwear Express. The club runs a free community workout each Saturday, allowing newcomers to try their hand at a Crossfit workout, scaled to their experience and skill level.

Workwear Express knows how demanding sports and fitness is, and how important it is for athletes to have the best and most comfortable clothing possible. Having provided a number of sports brands such as PHD, Muscle Fury and Hearts F.C, Workwear Express are the number 1 choice for custom printed fitness clothing and sports’ wear. Working in conjunction with Durham Crossfit is another great local partnership, helping drive local business and community spirit.

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