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December 2012 The Benefits of Staff Uniforms

are an important factor for many industries such as health care, the public sector and retail, but a lot of companies still do not choose for their staff to wear a uniform. 

There are many ways in which a uniform can benefit a business and improve its image.

Most businesses choose to use staff uniforms to portray a positive message about their brand.  

A uniform gives staff a smart appearance, which enhances the image of the company to customers. A professional uniform will give the impression of a professional business. On the other hand, no uniform can give the impression that a business doesn’t care how it looks and isn’t proud of its brand.

Uniforms can increase staff morale and productivity. By wearing the same staff uniform, employees will feel as though they are part of a team. Wearing a uniform will put them in the right frame of mind for work and clearly distinguish work hours from leisure time. 

Staff wearing uniforms will become ambassadors of their company and act as walking billboards wherever they go outside of work. Uniforms that are branded with a company name, logo or website will act as advertising to any potential customer who see staff in their uniform. This is a great benefit to a business who wants to improve sales as it will increase customer awareness and create interest in a brand.

Uniforms are especially important for staff dealing with customers. A uniform easily identifies an employee, which helps to develop a sense of trust and and avoids confusion for the customer.

Wearing uniforms can also benefit the staff wearing them. A uniform eliminates the need to choose what to wear every day and also saves employees money on clothing for work. If uniforms are practical, comfortable to wear and stylish, employees will enjoy wearing them.

For businesses considering a new uniform for their staff, one of the most important factors to consider is that the uniform reflects their brand image and values. 

Is it a good idea to choose uniforms in the company’s colours, with the company’s name on the garments so that staff are instantly identified.

The uniform should also meet the needs of the staff wearing them, for example office staff would be most suited to shirts and blouses embroidered with the company logo, but industrial staff working outdoors will need very different workwear.

There is a huge range of customised uniforms and workwear available online for a variety of industries. Workwear suppliers can provide companies with bespoke, customised uniforms to give staff a professional and smart image.