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October 2012 Stand Out From the Crowd With T-shirt Printing

Printed T-shirts are huge right now. Walk in to any fashion store and you will see a huge range of T-shirts in a variety of designs, from band logos to slogans and retro designs.

Printed T-shirts are also popular with bands, musicians, artists, designers and for events as they act as a great form of promotion and can generate money from resale.

With the huge amounts of printed T-shirts on the market, designers and retailers need to make their designs stand out more than ever. This is possible thanks to a range of new techniques and technologies that have evolved from the increasing demand for printed T-shirts.

Now, T-shirt printers offer a huge range of T-shirt printing techniques and special effects to keep up with the latest fashion trends and styles. New technologies and special screen printing T-shirt inks means any design idea can become a reality. 

Oversized designs are more popular and stylish than ever, especially in the retail and fashion industry. An oversized T-shirt printing design is classed as anything bigger than a standard screen print (13" x 15") but can even be big enough to reach onto the sleeve or around the back of the T-shirt.

Many fashion brands and T-shirt sellers have started to use oversized printing to keep up with the trend. Oversized T-shirt printing means the possibilities for design are endless. Most designs are big enough to cover the whole front or back of a T-shirt, giving designers the scope to create high impact or intricate designs that will turn heads.

Photo realistic prints are another popular T-shirt printing effect and are great for adding photographs and intricate designs to printed T-shirts. T-shirt printers can use a full colour printing process to create realistic images that look like photographs. Photorealistic T-shirts are especially popular for fashion brands and music artists. 

Half tone screen printing is similar to photo realistic printing but uses gradients to achieve a shaded effect. Half tone prints create a vintage look, often seen in the retail industry.

There is a huge range of other special effects that can be used in T-shirt printing to create interesting and stylish designs for retail or promotional T-shirts. These effects include discharge, metallic and sponge puff inks to name a few, and are available from leading T-shirt printers.

Thanks to the huge range of technologies and techniques available from T-shirt screen printers, it is easy to create great printed T-shirts that will stand out from the crowd.