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June 2013 Race For Life has a Winning Weekend

Pink Power prevailed this past weekend, as Cardiff park was flooded with a sea of women, many of whom cancer survivors, taking part in in race for live fundraiser. Over 6,000 women donned pink t-shirts, to walk and run the race for life in an effort to raise money for cancer research.

Workwear Express have worked alongside both Cancer Research UK & Race For Life in the past, providing promotional t-shirts for the charities.

These events take place across the nation, with thousands of fund-raisers taking part to help raise millions of pounds each year to help battle cancer.

For each individual taking part, their stories, motives and willingness to take part differs. For many it is a chance to “do something good” for charity, get together with a group of friends, organise themselves for the event and raise some money. A mixture of fun times, with a good cause. However for others, the motives and inspiration runs much deeper. With thousands of people affected by cancer in the UK, whether it is themselves who are diagnosed, or friends and family, there truly is no greater charitable cause than fighting cancer. A run such as this obviously has great effects for those who are looking to create amazing before and weight loss pictures

Cancer research UK endeavours to take the fight to cancer and find a cure throughout their research, something that would not be possible without the charitable events that take part all year round to help raise funding. Below are some facts about cancer, released by Cancer Research UK:

  • 325,000 people diagnosed with cancer in 2010
  • 1 in 3 people will develop cancer at some point in their life time
  • 1 in 35 men under the age of 50 will contract cancer
  • 1 in 20 women under the age of 50 will contract cancer
  • Cancer can be triggered and developed at any age, however those aged over 65 are the most common age group to develop cancer, with 3 in 5 people aged 65 and over being diagnosed with the disease.
  • It is estimated that 12.7 million new cancer cases have been identified worldwide since 2008. Over half of these cases were from developing countries.

With the summer coming, why not get your friends together, get out in the sun, and do some charitable fund-raising to help the cause. Whilst the effects of cancer are deadly serious, the planning and taking part in a fund raiser can be great fun. A range of customised printed charitable t-shirts can really help promote the cause, and allow fundraisers to be identified whilst taking part in the event of your choice.

You can find out more about cancer fund-raising, and cancer research at the Cancer Research UK Website: