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June 2013 PS4 Game DriveClub Races Ahead With Workwear Express

As the start of each summer comes there is just one thing on the minds of anyone who has a vested interest within the games industry, whether on a professional or personal level, and that is e3. The annual gaming convention held in Los Angeles. One of the hottest new games on display, Driveclub, was there in full force sporting promotional t-shirts printed by Workwear Express.

The hot topic of this years’ e3 – next generation consoles. A new generation of consoles allows developers the chance to try new things, introduce new IP’s, take bigger risks, and incorporate never before seen features into highly anticipated titles.  With so much buzz around Sony’s PS4, which will be priced at £349 in the UK, it comes as no surprise that Evolution Studio’s “DriveClub” is being eagerly anticipated by gamers worldwide.

Attending the e3 convention, the DriveClub developers of course needed to be easily identifiable with the game, visible & branded, and what easier way than with custom printed promotional t-shirts. Evolution studios approached Workwear Express requiring 1 colour printed t-shirts with the text “DriveClub”. The t-shirt brief was a simple, but striking design, intended to easily display what the game is. It is easy for companies to get carried away with fantastical, abstract or unique designs, especially a company as creative as Evolution Studios’, however sometimes less is more, a is the case with this DriveClub t-shirt.


However Evolution Studios’ are definitely not taking the “less is more” approach with development of Sony Playstation 4 exclusive “DriveClub”. Best known for their outstanding Motorstorm series which made its debut on PS3, and was one of the console’s first killer apps. DriveClub will be swapping the dirt track for the race track & ditching muddy dirt bikes for the worlds’ faster super cars. Evolution Studios is looking to race ahead with DriveClub, making the game free for Playstation + Subscribers, and offer the ultimate social racing experience.

Workwear Express have worked with big name technology companies in the past, including Googles & Microsoft, a direct competitor to Sony in the home-gaming market. Whether you’re company is looking for promotional t-shirts or clothing to be worn at trade shows, or requires safety workwear or uniforms’, Workwear Express can get you kitted out.

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