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January 2012 Our thoughts on why a bespoke waitress uniform caused a media frenzy!

Last week, you may have noticed that Gramercy Park Hotel in the USA hit the headlines hard when they unveiled their latest waitress uniform, designed by Sophie Theallet.



Workwear Express work with designer and industry expert Claire Conley. We asked her to give her comments on the news item and design:

“For me listening to the article it ticks all the boxes of a good and successful design.  It’s emerged from wearer consultation to ensure all aspects are fit for purpose and is some what unique and very representative of the brand.  I am not surprised to see this level of interest in the uniform being shown by a boutique hotel/eatery as this is one industry that really understands the importance a uniform plays in setting the tone of the establishment. Too often do you see every aspect of a corporate brand be upgraded and addressed and the staff stick out like a sore thumb for all the wrong reasons as they are still reflecting past times or the fact the marketing budget ran out before they got to uniforms, as they are either left in old uniforms or simply given something chosen with no thought because it was the cheapest option.  Continuous corporate training programs continually tell staff they are "the face and forefront of the brand" though too often this is evidently forgotten. Therefore, its nice to see a design such as this making the news and showing the impact a bespoke uniform can have on a brand, as we sure wouldn’t be talking about this if it was a black trouser white shirt combination picked by the junior buyer. Did I mention I love the design!

What do you think about this design?  

Would you like to see more companies embracing bespoke high fashion designs when it comes to their workwear and uniform designs?