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April 2011 Listening to customer's needs

Recently you may have had a survey from Workwear Express asking for your views on our products and services (if you took the time to complete the survey, thanks!). 

We are delighted to say that 97.5% of customer rated our products positively!

We aren't one of these companies that ask for feedback and do nothing with it, we have read all the surveys in full and made the following changes:

“I'd appreciate a service allowing smaller numbers of items to be personalised, possible down to single items.” / “It is not always possible for us to order the min limit for logo embroidery we could do with smaller orders.”  – There is now no minimum order on embroidery

“Samples for a company should be free” / “An improvement would be sending out free samples (that we could return if you wish) to see the quality of your products and sizing”  - Samples now have no restock charge

“It may be only me, but I have always struggled with the logo attachment part of the order process.” – We have fully updated our logo adding process making it much simpler and efficient

As always if you have any feedback for us please share them with us by emailing andrew@workwearexpress.com