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December 2012 Improve your Company’s Image with Embroidered Workwear

Embroidered workwear is one of the most popular forms of customised workwear and uniforms.

Machine embroidery is the most popular method of customisation for workwear, corporate clothing and schoolwear as it portrays a smart and professional image for your company. Embroidery is often used to give a refined and polished look to personalised workwear and corporate garments.

Embroidery uses threads to stitch a logo or name directly onto a garment using automatic embroidery machines. It is usually applied as a small logo to the chest of a garment.

Embroidered workwear can help to create brand identity and brand recognition by showing off your company name and logo. A uniform with an embroidered logo will enable you to be easily recognised and will increase public awareness of your brand.

Another benefit of an embroidered logo is that it is durable and hardwearing and will last a long time when worn and washed on a weekly basis. This makes embroidered workwear ideal for staff uniforms and workwear that needs to last through wear and tear.

Workwear Express has 8 state of the art Tajima TFMX-IIC-1508 embroidery machines running over 60 heads with a capacity of 2,750 garments per hour.  

As leading suppliers of embroidered workwear they can apply a logo to almost any garment, from work shirts, polos and fleeces to bags, hats and ties. 

The video below shows Workwear Express embroidering garments for a customer.

If you’re looking for smart and professional customised workwear that will last, choose embroidered workwear from Workwear Express. For more information on embroidery, click here.