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June 2013 How to Pick the Perfect Tie

Everyman should have a “go-to” tie in his wardrobe. Whether it’s sitting there patiently, ready to be pulled out for a job interview, or if its an emergency go-to for that last minute meeting, a killer tie can really enhance your overall appearance and turn a boring shirt and trouser get up, into a ravishing, striking ensemble.

With thousands of retailers, brands and varieties of shirts and ties available, you may think “any will do”, however to create that sharp as a pin look, you’ll have to put in a bit more effort and time than randomly throwing something together. There are a few points you should consider when putting the tie and shirt combination together.

Unless you’re opting for the plain-wayne look of a plain white shirt & plain 1 coloured tie, you need to pay close attention to the patterns on each of these garments. A clash creates an immediate eye-saw, which is the last thing you want if you’re wanting to dress to impress. Avoid blatant clashing designs such as checks and stripes.

Black shirt & black tie? Brighten things up. Don’t drop into a creative slump when picking colours, and don’t be afraid to wear pink! Its important to pick colours that go together, along with complimenting your complexion. Avoid the dastardly contrasting colours of red and green, as they’re never to be seen.

This one may seem like were nit picking, however it can be noticeable, and for all the wrong reasons. A tie with a shiny, or shimmering finish can detract against a plain coloured t-shirt for example. Bare this in mind when you put your combo together.

Behind every good man, is a better women. So when in doubt, ask your better half. I mean a women is never wrong. Right?

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