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October 2013 Half Price Screens This Week Only

This week only we are rolling out a very special offer giving customers half price on all screens. 

Until midnight on Sunday, rather than paying £25 per screen, you can save yourself 50% and pay only £12.50. This will apply to each screen you use within your design. For those that are unsure of what a screen is, each colour on your design requires an individual screen to apply that coloured section to your garments. So if you have four colours in your design, you will need four screens.

This is a fantastic offer for all customers whether you are a new customer or someone who has made numerous orders in the past. If you are a new customer it allows you to have your great designs applied to the wide range of garments we have here at Workwear Express, for half the application cost that you usually would pay. So if you have a four colour logo, that's a saving of £50 on what you would normally pay.

While past customers won't have to pay any screen application charge on repeat orders, due to the cost being a one off payment for each design, this offer allows you to possibly save yourself some money and get a new design printed on to garments, paying only £12.50 for each screen, instead of the £25 you would of had to pay some months down the line. 

There are no limits on the offer You can have as many logos as you want is an many different colours as you like applied to the garments. 

Remember this offer is only available until midnight on Sunday evening so make sure you act now and get your order placed to save yourself a large amount of money on screen set ups. This is the perfect opportunity to get all of your workwear and t-shirt requirements for you and your business all in one go and at a fraction of the cost.

 Call us on 0800 028 5867 or place your order online at www.workwearexpress.com.