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May 2013 Feel Good, Look Better This Summer – With Workwear Express

Will you be hitting the beach with a 6pac of abs or 6 pack of beer this Summer? As the new year resolutions of losing fat and getting into shape end early in January, many people make more of a serious push to get in shape ready for the summer months. Holidays, warm weather and days on the beach are all perfect occasions to lose the shirt and show off your hard earned body. To get into beach ready condition takes equal part dedication to both training & diet. 

Something that fitness supplements supplier, PHD, knows all about. When undergoing intense workouts, PHD staff knows that training apparel needs to be durable and as strong as the person wearing them. The organisation approached Workwear Express, requiring t-shirts of the highest quality with their company logo. Not only do these t-shirts provide a high level of comfort when training, but it allows the brand to raise awareness of their brand. There is no better form of word of mouth marketing from your brand ambassadors, and branded t-shirts allows your customers and fans to raise awareness of your brand and invite questions from potential customers.

Whether you wear branded sports clothing featuring your favourite athletes, or wear the same apparel as your favourite teams, there is no doubt that you need to be comfortable when training if you want to perform at your best.

Workwear Express supplies a range of sports wear clothing for any occasion or activity. Whether you’re looking for team wear for sports such as Rugby or Football, or looking for high performance fitness apparel such as tracksuits, vests or polo shirts, Workwear Express can provide whatever fitness clothing you need, customised to your liking, with your logo.

So whether you own a gym, fitness club or a supplements company and are looking for an easy way to help promote your brand, consider branded print wear from Workwear Express. Likewise, if you are part of a team or a training club, and are looking for the best performance apparel, then get in touch with Workwear Express today for a quote:

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