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June 2013 Fashionable Summer Colour Combinations

A classic white shirt & black tie combo will never go a miss. A sharp, smart, tightly fitted shirt will really set this look off with a thin, black, fashion tie. Perfect for a wedding, party, night on the town or for the office. However white & black, as stylish as it can be, isn’t the most creative or vibrant colour schemes to sport. Jazz things up a bit and add some razzle dazzle to your attire over these coming summer months.

A teal t-shirt and tan coloured per of cargo shirts Is the ultimate laid back summer look. No matter if you’re hitting up the beach, a pool party, or just out and about on a hot summers day, this summer combo will make you look cool, in hot weather.

Lime green and cream is also another great summer combination. A light, cool, breathable lime t-shirt, when worn with a pair of cream shorts will make for an appealing and hot summer look.

Wanting another great office outfit? Looking to break away for the cliché white and black? Add some variety with a lilac & grey mix. Real men wear pink, purple…and anything in between. Lilac, whilst some men may want to shy away from colours that are considered feminine, is a striking and extremely fashionable colour to sport throughout the summer. Couple this with a pair of grey trousers, black dress shoes, and a sleek, metallic belt buckle, and you’ve got a look to take you all the way through to winter.

These are just some, great looking, fashionable colour combinations you should try out this summer. You can view our entire range of t-shirts here, or business wear by clicking here