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June 2013 Death Remains Rock The Dragon

Hyperbolic time chamber, potara earrings and senzu beans might not be at the forefront of your vocabulary. Heck, you might even be thinking “wtf”.  These are are all terms that metalcore band, Death Remains, will be very familiar, as can seen by their recent Dragonball Z inspired t-shirt.

The 5 man band features some of metals’ most talented performers, featuring the vocals of Barry O’Connor, Gaz Martinez on bass, Jai Patel’s beating drum and the twin axe attack offerings from Eljay Lambert & Marc Yacas. The group has formed an ever growing niche of loyal fans, having played in some of Londo’s best venues such as The Underworld and The Scala. But Death Remains are not tied to London, or the UK in fact, having also performed outside of the homeland in front of hundreds of rabid fans each night in Brazil.

Whilst the heavy metal tones the band produces are worlds away from the background music to the Japanese release of Dragonball Z, perhaps the band draws more of an influence from the English release, popularised by Toonami in the UK in 1998(feeling old now?). The English dubbed score was produced by Bruce Faulconer, and sported a heavy use of rock music throughout the entire series.

Regardless of if the band was inspired by the music of Bruce Faulconer, one thing is for certain, and that is the influence the anime has had upon the group’s official t-shirt, which was printed by Workwear Express.

The t-shirt rocks the unmistakable Dragonball Z font, featuring the group’s name at the top of the shirt, with a morbid ensemble of the Z fighters and villains. Series mascots such as Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo and Gohan dominate the design, along with fan favourite Villain. Dragonball Z has proven to be a huge success worldwide, influencing multiple generations from its numerous incarnations.

From the Japanese Dragonball origins in Manga in the 1980’s, to then jumping off the page and into motion with the Dragonball Z anime in the mid 90’s, to then receiving an English dub in 1998, and subsequent international releases, along with a re-released “HD” revamp, introducing the antics of Goku & the Z-fighters to a new generation of fans.

It is not uncommon for cartoons, comics, fantasy or games to influence people’s lives, and Death Remains’ link with Dragonball Z is testament to this.

The use of branded merchandise fulfils 2 objectives for Death Remains, a revenue stream and promotion. Their striking t-shirt is sure to be a hot seller amongst fans, which can be purchased from their gigs or Facebook page. These sales provide the band with extra revenue for the group, along with helping to raise the profile of the group. Death Remains debut album is set for release in Autumn 2013, and is eagerly anticipated by the groups fans as they undergo an amazin before and after weight loss transformation.

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A strong, recognisable logo easily relays what your company is, however sometimes merchandise calls for more than just a logo. As Death Remains has done, think creatively. Craft a design that will help represent your brand ethos, and that will resonate and appeal to your customers or fans.

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