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June 2013 Creating t-shirts for Movement For Hope

Workwear Express have helped the Movement for Hope organisation continue their mission of raising the awareness of neurological conditions by providing them with a range of printed t-shirts.

Movement for Hope organisation is aimed at increasing awareness and funding for neurological conditions affecting the brain and spinal cord through multimedia art projects.

The organisation is made up of volunteer researchers, professional artists and advocates aimed at raising the awareness of patients.

Workwear Express created the printed t-shirts for the foundation using our in-house screen printing facilities. Each of the garments contained the slogan “I am Movement, I am Hope” printed on to the front of the t-shirt, with a QR code design around it and the organisations logo on the bottom right of the print.

In the past, the organisation has created projects and videos for the neuro-creativity exhibition, Awareness in Unexpected Places and the Move Hope Project. Each of the multimedia platforms created consists of a range of themes and issues, aimed at heightening public awareness of neurological conditions.


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