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June 2013 5 Ways Your Small Gym Can Attract More Members

A company small in size, with owners big in stature, Muscle Fury has seen positive growth and some serious gains over the past few years. With over 60 years combined experience in the fitness industry and training clients, the Muscle Fury staff have the knowledge and experience to demand high quality products and results. Which is why the supplement retailer & Littlehampton based gym approached Workwear Express to commission a job for promotional t-shirts featuring the company logo.

Independent gyms & fitness centres can often struggle to build a client base during the start-up period and initial months following opening to the public. With a limited budget and resources, in comparison to national gym chains, it is essential that smaller gyms carve out their niche, build a unique image and raise as much awareness as possible. Many national chain gym's stray away from the hardcore, gritty sawdust and sweat style gyms, however if there is a lack of these in your area, why not cater to this crowd? Likewise, if your gym is situated in an area of town with a population of ABC1’s, (Middle class and above) who are looking for a friendly, cardio-centric fitness centre, then mould your brand to meet the demands of this market.  

Develop your brand so that it will resonate with your intended target market, be consistent throughout your marketing messages and aim to provide a level of service second to none. Promotional clothing & merchandise is one of the easiest ways to quickly spread the word about your gym. Identify your brand ambassadors, the members who are the most passionate about your facility, provide these with free t-shirts. These members will take care of your marketing for you. Wearing them out and about, along with taking to social networking to let their friends know of the freebie they just scored from the best gym in town.

The partnership between Muscle Fury & Workwear Express was a natural combination of experienced training knowledge and high quality facilities and sporting supplements on behalf of the supplements supplier, to Workwear Express’s second to none level of service and top brand promotional & workwear. The decision to start using branded promotional t-shirts by Muscle Fury is sure to have a positive impact on business, helping promote the brand, along with providing an alternative revenue stream through selling merchandise, strengthening the organisation’s product offering.

With the fitness industry getting ever more popular, from teenage bodybuilding to general fitness, many other sports brands take full advantage of this merchandising option, and integrate the use of officially branded merchandise as a huge marketing tool within their marketing mix. It allows promotion, can help with brand awareness and positioning when the correct target market sports the merchandise, and can help increase revenue through merchandise sales.

Takeaways From This Article To Help Add More Members To Your Gym’s Customer Base

  1. 1      Identify your target market. Don’t follow the crowd, pick something unique.
  2. 2      Develop your brand to resonate with this market. From logo design & fonts used in marketing materials, to the marketing messages you send & the type of services you offer.
  3. 3      Be consistent with your message across all channels.
  4. 4      Prominently feature your brand throughout your facility & surrounding area.
  5. 5      Turn your happiest members into your biggest marketers. Provide them with your branded merchandise and let them spread the word. 

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To find out more about Muscle Fury head over to http://www.musclefury.com/index.asp